About us

A trans-media entertainment company, Atlantyca Entertainment maintains Production & Distribution, Licensing, Publishing, Foreign Rights Sales divisions and expanded into the development and production of live stage events with the establishment of its newest division, Atlantyca Live. The company manages the IP rights for the Geronimo Stilton brand and all of its franchises.

Atlantyca is the producer of “Geronimo Stilton” the animated series featuring the adventures of the most famous mouse journalist. The three seasons have been sold in more than 130 countries around the world.
“The New Adventures of Geronimo Stilton”, is a co-production with French company Superprod along with the participation of RAI Fiction and France Television. The company has also completed its entertainment franchise with a spooky comedy series entitled “Bat Pat” (52 x 11min.) a co-production with Imira Entertainment and Mondo TV. “Bat Pat” is an animated series that proves the supernatural isn’t always evil – just misunderstood. Rai Fiction (Italy) and RTVE (Spain) are broadcast and participation partners.

Atlantyca’s distribution arm represents a growing library of entertainment properties for children which includes the Junior Catalogue of ZDF Enterprises for Italy with successful series such as Scream Street, H20 and School of Roars, and “Dive Olly Dive” and “Nutri Ventures”.

The Licensing division manages the international Brand extension initiatives including consumer products and special marketing & promotions for all the “Geronimo Stilton” and “Bat Pat” brands and any of their character spin-offs.  In addition, Atlantyca Entertainment is the exclusive Italian Licensing Agent for the Junior Catalogue of ZDF Enterprises.

Atlantyca Publishing oversees new contents’ creation and designs children’s books series aimed for international success. The division has produced more than 400 books over 10 years, working with some of the most eminent publishing houses in Italy (Mondadori, Piemme, Rizzoli, Fabbri, Salani) and establishing successful brands such as “Agatha Mistery”, “Sherlock, Lupin & I”, and “Melowy”.

Atlantyca’s Foreign Rights division is dedicated to securing sales of publishing rights for the Geronimo Stilton books and over 1700 additional titles for other IP owned properties, boasting 6.800 granted agreements for translations in over 49 languages. is also agent for leading European Publishing Houses such as Planeta, Electa Mondadori and Franco Cosimo Panini.  

Established Atlantyca Live is the integrated division dedicated to the planning, creation, production and development of live stage shows for all of Atlantyca’s owned properties which include the “Geronimo Stilton,” its spin-off series, “Bat Pat” and “Agatha Mystery” brands. The company introduced its first U.S stage show in 2016, featuring the lovable “Geronimo Stilton: Mouse In Space” an American debut adaption of the best-selling book series with a little bit of a cyber-space adventure. Most recently the company’s shows expanded to the stages in Asia, with live Geronimo Stilton theater productions premiering in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Atlantyca was recently bestowed the 2017 Governance Advisors Digital Award, in the "skills" category. The award is dedicated to recognizing the work and significant accomplishments of company directors who, as a result of progressive governance, have led their companies to become leaders in digital innovation.

Atlantyca started the year by taking the podium at the Holden School, Turin for a cycle of three lessons entitled Atlantyca - 'How to Plan a Children's Series' and, with the exceptional experience of an International Transmedia Company, used case studies and practice exercises to reveal to the Holden students all the mechanisms and ‘behind the scenes’ work that go into developing children’s series projects for the global market.